Best Lesbian Movies 2019 at Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival

The 10 Best Lesbian Movies 2019 selected by and for the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival Roze Filmdagen – Just a few days to go and it will be time again for the biggest Dutch film festival “Roze Filmdagen (Pink Film Days)”.  In order to make sure, you won’t miss any of the selected great movies and films from Germany to Colombia, the USA to the Philippines, from Spain to Iceland, we teamed up with the festival director Werner Borkes to select the best of the best movies about Lesbian love, different generations of women, a love story with zombies, and just ordinary relationship dramas from around the world. In 2019, the LGBTQ Film Festival in Amsterdam will celebrate its 22nd-anniversary featuring movies like the German movie “Endzeit (ever after)”, the US American story “Snapshots” and the Icelandic – Swedish – Belgium co-production “And Breath Normally (andið eðlilega)”.

Best Lesbian Movies ’19 by Couple of Men

The opening night of the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival will be held on 14th March 2019 continuing for 11 days in total until 24th March 2019. This year, the festival will be screening 44 feature movies, 10 documentaries, and 48 short movies coming from 48 different countries (!). But don’t worry, you won’t get lost with our list of the best lesbian movies including trailers and screening information selected for this year’s film festival for a couple of men. Besides the topic of Lesbian movies, the Roze Filmdagen is screening documentaries and films about queers, gays and everything in between as well. Check our articles about the best Gay Movies 2019 and the best Queer Movies and documentaries in 2019 as well. And now, enjoy the movie festival, show pride, and have fun watching the 10 Best Lesbian Movies 2019 selected by the Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2019!

#1 Wild Nights With Emily | USA

The first film on our list “Best Lesbian Movies 2019” comes from the United States of America. Director Madeleine Olnek uses a very funny and talented cast to radically re-imagine famed American poet Emily Dickinson. Gone is the supposed reclusive spinster, in comes the passionate lover of women. Subversive, hilarious and very rewarding. As one reviewer at SXSW put it: ”Molly Shannon Is Emily Dickinson in the Best Lesbian Comedy in Years”. The director is known for her intelligent comedies full of dry wit and previous films “The Foxy Merkins” and “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same” were audience favorites – Wild Nights With Emily.

#2 Tell it to the bees | England

Set in 1950’s Scotland, this is the story of two women who must face a society that isn’t ready or willing to accept them. Dr. Jean Markham returns to her small town to take over her father’s practice. As she treats young Charlie, she will also meet his mother Lydia, who isn’t making ends meet at the local factory. When they move in, the rumors start to spread. Told through the eyes of Charlie and his mystical bond with bees, this is one visual feast not to miss – Tell it to the bees.

#3 Carmen & Lola | Spain

– OPENING NIGHT FILM – When two young women from the Roma community on the outskirts of Madrid fall in love, they will have to face up to a culture where family honor and centuries of tradition are still very strong. With incredible performances by a cast from that same community, Carmen & Lola manages the feat of both giving an authentic portrayal as well as confronting the darker sides of this culture head-on with a powerful plea for love, that will appeal to everyone – Carmen & Lola.

#4 Dykes, Camera, Action! | USA

Fast-paced and fluidly edited, this feature documentary explores both the history of lesbian characters in the movies as well as the rise of queer female filmmakers. With a solid focus on movie history, it tells a story that has never been explored like this before. And filmmaker Caroline Berler packs it with terrific clips from the films, plus interviews with filmmakers, journalists, and historians who have a vested interest in the topic – Dykes, Camera, Action!.

#5 Endzeit (ever after) | Germany

Two young women try to reach one of the last two surviving human safe havens after most of humanity has fallen prey to zombies. With a distinct feminist sensitivity and lush landscapes of German countryside that provide an almost ethereal feeling far beyond the typical grunge of zombie movies, this is one intelligent, refreshing and still, thoroughly thrilling new perspective – Endzeit (ever after).

#6 Eva & Candela (¿cómo te llamas?) | Colombia

A portrait of two strong, independent women: a female director and the star of her first film, drawn together by a powerful attraction and their shared desire to take on the movie world. The passion between them creates a seductive and fascinating intimacy. But over time, their relationship evolves, swinging from infatuation to sensuality, which turns to tenderness, and yet that’s just what they’ve become. Can Eva and Candela withstand the inevitable effects of time to overcome the metamorphosis of their relationship? – Eva & Candela (¿cómo te llamas?)

#7 And Breathe Normally (andið eðlilega) | Iceland/Sweden/Belgium

Single mother Lára struggles with her little son to keep up with life and grasps an opportunity to be employed as border guard trainee. African refugee Adja tries illegally to reach Canada with her daughter. When their lives cross at the passport control, neither of them realizes the extent to which they will alter the course of each other’s destiny. A powerful socio-critical drama about life on the fringes against the backdrop of the stark Icelandic landscape – And Breathe Normally (andið eðlilega).

#8 Snapshots | USA

Based on a true story – When a grandmother’s secret past collides with her granddaughter’s secret future and her daughter’s angry present, can the love of three generations be enough to accept decades of deceit? With a simple roll of film, it begins – Snapshots.

#9 Billie and Emma | Philippines

High schoolers Billie and Emma are forced to partner up for a project. The former is confused about whether to fit in a school populated by straight women or remain isolated, while the latter got pregnant. Their affection and their blossoming relationship are portrayed which oodles of charm in this uplifting tale of teenagers falling in love – Billie and Emma.

#10 Lez Bomb | USA

Last but not least on our film list “Best Lesbian Movies 2019” is another picture from the United States of America. A multigenerational comedy of errors featuring a young woman who comes home for the holidays with some life-changing news. Little does Lauren know, the eccentric cast of characters has their own stirring surprises as well. The result is a hilarious turn of events forcing the family to come together in a ceremonious series of coincidences. As it turns out, there is no good time to drop the Lez Bomb.

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